...Maybe I should begin by using the phrase, the individual formerly known as Digital Derek. Well, I just have. OK, let us be Frank, or Derek at least. I became bored with the Rat Race, to all intent and purpose I have retired. Only it just means, as a rule, I drop the word professional from my job description. After all I cannot lose the photographer trapped inside me. I can still be tempted to share a little knowledge, even tutor other photographers, give talks, possibly even run courses where people can pick up the odd skill set. Now although I am less energetic I am still building up my gallery images, that means I want to drive around a lot, anywhere.

...I have repeatedly been drawn back to Spain, obviously as I now have a luxurious farmhouse there, a case of here is one I did earlier. To be fair the notion of offering photographic holidays, has become less appealing in my dotage, probably the thought of the associated housework, but if someone wanted to twist my arm!

...This smouldering remains of site will hopefully guide you through most of what I have to offer. By clicking on the appropriate button you will find greater detail. To gain access to creative writing information and the ashes of what is left in Spain please use the index page.

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This image may not be an accurate representation of current visual appearance. I am older now!