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How many times have you picked up a book that looked interesting and quickly found you were struggling to get into the plot? These days the world and his wife think they are the next JK Rowling so it is exceedingly difficult to get up close and financial with a mainstream publisher. I feel what these megacompanies actually put on bookshelves sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. My personal opinion is that many novels are judged on their merits in the same vein as the Turner Prize, or the status of the author. I occasionally feel my neighbour could do better, and he doesn't understand English.

Blistering Books is trying to get fiction out to people that flows, without the need to know the colour of the nurse's toenails who only appears in one paragraph, or the fact that the dog on page 109 has fleas. Although initially a platform primarily for my own work I hope to try and publish work from new, undiscovered authors who show that they have talent. At least in my eyes. Using electronic methods I can produce low numbers of books, either for friends, or to sell over the Internet from this site as hard copy though these days it is so much easier to sell files for book readers. I have devised, maybe hijacked a way to produce a new form of paperback, well wireback that makes it easy to read, we shall see how well this goes down.

If you consider yourself a latent novelist e-mail details of your work so we can liaise regarding the possibility of reading it. Conventionally a novel is at least 70,000 words, but anything above that is usually acceptable. The trend may be to write doorstops, but as my arms are not strong enough to lift them the amount of padding has not been assessed.

Short stories can be difficult, but we may be tempted to produce compilations at a later date. However, this sort of material can be studied on line, which is the idea behind the Reading Room. All displayed manuscipts will be appropriately credited.

Once people start sending material in naturally, if you are hovering warily, jump.

If you need advice, or help regarding writing, I can run an editing service that can be geared from simple corrections to serious recommendations about style and text. Naturally this is based on personal beliefs, but chat if you are hesitant. When I am in Spain I also run workshops on a daily basis, weekend breaks or even as creative writing holidays. Naturally the climate and tranquility of our surroundings can be conducive to inspiration, one benefit of being in inland Andalucia.

Derek Hibbert - El Jefe