2018/2019 subject


One, two or three .jpg images up to 4000 pixel width.





2018/2019 subjects

Theme 1: Car Trouble

Theme 2 : New Shoes

* The amount of tuition will depend on the level of response. If insufficient entries are received a lesser prize will be awarded.

View the accommodation page to see where you will be staying.

*Monthly competions winners will be uploaded onto this website. Although there are no immediate prizes, they may be entered into a draw for an unspecific award at the end of the year.


1] The copyright for all entries remains with the author though they may be used on this website.

2] The winning entries will be uploaded after judging, hopefully before the end of July, depending on quality and quantity of submissions.

3] The writing competition will have one outright winner, entries may be submitted as .doc, .wpd, .epub, or .pdf and may be up to 5,000 words.

4] There will not be a limit on the number of entries providing each one is accompanied with the appropriate fee.

5] The winners will receive the appropriate tuition only where sufficient entries have been received. The prize is therefore flexible between accommodation only and a full tutored holiday. If there are insufficient entries to justify this a lesser prize will be awarded in each category [this is unlikely though it may be limited to specific dates].

6] The prize does not include flights from your chosen airport. The winners will be met at Malaga airport as a normal participant of a holiday.

7] A maximum of three images can be entered per photographic entry. Files should be .jpg format. Maximum size 3000 pixels on longest edge. Finished digital files should include adequate information [name, email address, telephone number etc.]. Suspicious e-mails containing attachments other than jpg [or .doc etc] will not be opened. Physical entries [prints] will be accepted only in special circumstances, please enquire if you do not use a digital camera. A selection of the best images will be placed on the web site within four weeks of the closing date.

8] The photographs must be taken by the entrant, not previously published in a magazine, or been awarded a prize [other than at club level]. This level of restriction also applies to the writing competition.

9] Manipulated images should be clearly marked as such, with details of each individual image used.

10] If there are insufficient entries, or the standard does not satisfy the judges, a lesser award may be offered.

11] If you need to pay using a cheque, the postal address is 17 Cinder Hill, COLEFORD. GL16 8HJ. Please ensure enough information is included to link payment to your entry. This is also the address for print entries.

12] The titles of the competitions may be interpreted at the discretion of the entrant. Any entry that is deemed outside reasonable boundaries may be disqualified. This applies mainly to the photographic competition, as a guide any powerful image of wildlife or a landscape will be acceptble, the idea is to impress the judges.

13] The winners are free to decide when to accept their prize, Andalucia really excels between March and May, is pleasant in June, but July, August and September can be rather hot.

The entry fee for each competition has been reduced to £5, the simplest method is with PayPal using payment to family and friends. Entries to, which is also the address for PayPal payments. The competitions will run until the end of August.