...PHOTOGRAPHY: I consider myself a natural photographer. Since late childhood I have almost always had a camera to hand and developed a deep interest in the science of imaging. This early fascination became invaluable while studying for a degree in marine biology, when I learnt to scuba dive, enabling me to investigate the potential of underwater photography. Unfortunately my taste for the sea meant that I briefly wandered into marine photography rather than the science. My career as a professional photographer progressed through dingy sailing championships to offshore power water sports before placing my feet more firmly on dry land. Over the last thirty years I have developed my skills in social photography and motorsport, though my greatest interest remains with more natural subjects.
Expanding my photographic library initially took me abroad, and I have repeatedly been drawn back to Spain, which offers such a wealth of inspiration, both for landscapes and wildlife. Progressing to digital before it became mainstream was invaluable for motorsport, but it rapidly became apparent that it yielded an opportunity to experiment more freely in all fields.
Over the years, exhibiting evocative images of Spain has inevitably led to questions regarding the sources of my subject matter. Yet it isn't merely a matter of knowing the location; it is even more than the combination of light, lens and direction!
In offering these holidays I hope to share not only my knowledge of Andalucia, but also my experience and enthusiasm over subject matter and technique.
Derek Lyne-Hibbert. BSc(Hons).
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As a enthusiastic author I have been restricted to selling books directly to my photography customers and over the net. At the moment I have done something like thirty eight and the most recent are science fiction and paranormal crime. I did do a word count not that long ago, over three million words, ouch! Look at the book section of this site. In this vein I feel confident to tutor creative writing and offer advice and assistance to other hopeful wordsmiths.